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About Us

Foxcon is a family-owned and run air conditioning and
refrigeration company based in the bustling bush town
of Hoedspruit.

We offer supply, installation and maintenance of all
heating and cooling systems.

We’ll help you keep your cool!

Meet The Team

Worack Fox

Worack Fox

“Foxcon is the brainchild of Worack Fox himself! After completing his schooling in Johannesburg, Worack spent many years training and working as an aircon and refrigeration technician. Subsequently, he moved up to Hoedspruit to join his now wife, Meghan, who was completing her community service near by. Here he started the now well known and much loved business that is Foxcon. Woracks extensive knowledge of all things refrigeration, airconditioning and electrical gives you the peace of mind knowing you are in good hands. Spot Worack on site and he’s bound to crack a joke or 2 or invite you around for a beer!”

Isla Perry

“Isla is a true child of Africa having been born in Zimbabwe, living in Botswana and finally landing up in South Africa where she settled down in Cape Town. Here, she studied Interior Design and graduated top of her class. Prior to her arrival in Hoedspruit, Isla worked in a Johannesburg based interior design company as their head designer for 15 years. Having done her duty in corporate Isla moved to Hoedspruit to join Foxcon and her ‘kids’ – as she fondly refers to them as. Isla’s artistic flair and gentle, fun loving nature has made her a favourite amongst our clients. Invite her in for a cup of tea and you may just hear a comical story or 2 of her incredible, creative life in Africa!”

Onny Ngobeni

Onny Ngobeni

“Originally from Tzaneen, Onny spent most of his working career in air conditioning and refrigeration in Johannesburg. Worack and Onny worked alongside each other for many years before Onny too moved up to Hoedspruit to join Worack. Onny is Worack’s right hand man! Don’t let his humility and quietness fool you. Onny is a wealth of knowledge and has eagerly worked his way up in the company to be Foxcon’s most senior technician.”

Foster Mashaba

“Foster has lived and worked in the Hoedspruit area for many years. He became part of the Foxcon team right at the very beginning and has proved to be an asset in many ways. From humble beginnings, Foster is now our junior technician and is always eager to serve!’

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